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Littleton Carpet Cleaner by Skyline Carpet Cleaning

Skyline Carpet Cleaning, located in Littleton, Colorado, is by far one of the best carpet cleaning services out there. If you're looking for quality, to your needs service, this is the place to go. Not only providing a professional job, Jake Meredith, is not only the owner of the business, but the operator too, so he can insure the job is done right. He will go beyond and above any expectations to make sure his client is satisfied. Jake is also IICRC certified, which sets standards on how good a carpet is cleaned by manufacturer specifications. This lets you know that while he gives you a one-on-one experience, you're still getting a professional job.
Skyline Carpet Cleaning is the best Littleton Carpet Cleaner and believes that the customer should understand what the problems are, which is how the 11 steps to Beautiful Looking Carpets were developed. Before even starting the job, Jake will walk through the job with you so he can understand the history of the carpet, and so you can understand what he's going to do to fix your problems. After the discussion he will discuss with you the options for the best cleaning, and go over different budgets of different cleanings. All prices and methods will be discussed beforehand so you can trust there will be no bait and switch pricing.
Once all of the inspection and price discussions are complete, Jake will install guards and blocks to prevent your furniture from being damaged, which will follow with the treatment of the carpet. Drying of the carpet takes around 1-2 hours, but can be done faster if you select to use fans. After drying everything will be cleaned up as if Skyline was never there. Before leaving, everything is double checked to ensure a quality job.
Not only does Skyline offer carpet cleanings, but they also can clean your ducts, and use their vacuums to clean your car! Everything is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, if you are not satisfied with the job, you don't pay! The customer also receives a 3 day warranty, although some spots and stains may be permanent, which will be discussed in detail before any professional cleaning. All solutions are kid and pet safe, however there are times where certain stains need stronger solutions, but once the chemicals are extracted from the carpet, it is safe. If you are looking for a quality cleaning service, this is the place to go. Contact Skyline Carpet Cleaning to see why they are the best Littleton Carpet Cleaner.

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